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10+ Top Tech Stocks in US For The World’s Most Powerful Markets

I’m a big fan of Top tech stocks, and I believe there’s a lot of money to be made in them. But it’s not easy to find the best ones.

I’ve been researching this topic for years and have come up with a list of 10+ Tech Stocks that I like. These are companies with good balance sheets, strong cash flow and good management teams. Most importantly, they are positioned to take advantage of new technology trends.

Before I share my picks with you, let me explain why technology is so important today!

CompanySymbolNameIndustryMarket CapIPO YearVolumeSectorCountry
AAPLApple Inc. Common StockComputer Manufacturing2562632225400198065421051TechnologyUnited States
ASMLASML Holding N.V. New York Registry SharesIndustrial Machinery/Components2441839051171995719525TechnologyNetherlands
AVGOBroadcom Inc. Common StockSemiconductors21902820958720091931364TechnologyUnited States
GENGen Digital Inc. Common StockComputer Software: Prepackaged Software2480378426853277964TechnologyUnited States
GOOGAlphabet Inc. Class C Capital StockInternet and Information Services1305042690000200418811961TechnologyUnited States
GOOGLAlphabet Inc. Class A Common StockInternet and Information Services1299994920000200421469056TechnologyUnited States
METAMeta Platforms Inc. Class A Common StockInternet and Information Services327439745752201239878440TechnologyUnited States
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation Common StockComputer Software: Prepackaged Software1901039741183198621522752TechnologyUnited States
NVDANVIDIA Corporation Common StockSemiconductors415149600000199937119720TechnologyUnited States
ORCLOracle Corporation Common StockComputer Software: Prepackaged Software22472546235519864798859TechnologyUnited States
TSMTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.Semiconductors422665194000199710496149TechnologyTaiwan

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